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Chronic Illness

Are you suffering?

You have options....

I work with people who, because of chronic illness, are suffering silently or trying to hide their pain in order to function 'normally' in the world. Whether experiencing the grief or disbelief of diagnosis; anger or sadness of “Why Me?”; fear of what is to come; or avoidance and denial of the diagnosis.

In my experience this physical suffering can stem from deep rooted emotions that have been buried or ignored. There is a strong need to be seen and understood for who we are.

Together we create a safe space for healing to begin. I listen to what you share and meet you at whatever stage you are in the journey. Through a holistic approach of education, support, resourcing and mind/body exploration I will be a guide towards self-reliance, self-love, confidence, empowerment and pain management. Before others can understand our experience we need to understand it for ourselves. We will get curious about why our bodies are “failing us” and what we can learn from this somatic cry for help.

By decoding the message our body is giving we can begin a journey towards true integrative healing. We will establish a new found love and appreciation for our mind, body and soul.