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Process Group

"A Place To Be Seen"

A Process Group for Those with Invisible Disabilities

Do you suffer from a disability that isn’t understood or seen by those around you?

Does your pain and/or exhaustion often get minimized by other and sometimes even yourself because you “look normal from the outside”?

If you relate to the silent suffering of an invisible disability then join us in this newly forming weekly process group. This will be a safe space to explore being in connection with others while on your personal path to wellness. You will gain a better understanding of how you are in relationship with others and how your group experience is parallel to other areas of your life.

I am Deanna Jimenez, a therapist trainee, in the San Francisco Bay Area. My personal journey towards holistic healing is supported by my trained experience in group process facilitation.

I will hold the space for the group to explore its boundaries and see how everyone's role in their personal lives manifest in the group. This will be a space of support but moreso a place to learn more about ourselves and how we function in the world.

I look forward to getting to know you!

Call quickly, limited spaces available.